One Piece 778 Manga – Zoro’s Speed

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one piece 778 manga

I’m wondering what is Pica up to, by asking all sorts of questions and moving around. It appears that he is heading to somewhere, probably his boss (DD)?

It has been mentioned above, this transition chapter is preparing for the next big fight – Zoro vs Pica. Meantime, Pica is rounding up the secondary characters. Once these characters are down or set aside, the focus will be back to the two swordsmen. This is last thing that Pica will ever do. Pica acting poor against wounded people. Hoping for Zoro to kick his ass really good.

Good thing for Sai that he protected Baby 5. I thought that the executives are such a big deal but it turns out that none of them can actually win against someone formidable if they are not cheating.

Robin got hurt at the because protecting Rebecca. So there is not a badass Zoro chapter this week but 100% sure next week ?

I can live with that. Oda never established Zoro’s speed. We know that when he uses his techniques he is strong and fast.
May be this can be the occasion for us to know where he is situated in term of speed and mobility.


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