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You claimed he could make Naruto 633 Amaterasu without the use of his eyesight. In this scan, his eyes focus on the ground, and then trace in a circle. If he didn’t need to use his eyesight, why did he need to spin in a circle? Because he made it at range? That’s the answer you’re going with? And you’re confident anyone at all is gonna buy it?

naruto manga 633
naruto manga 633

If what you say is true, and he can simply make it close to him without the need of his eyesight, then he simply would have sprouted flames around he and his brother, forcing Kabuto to stay back. The truth of the matter is that he simply can’t do that. He would’ve needed to activate Susanoo, granting him the Enton jewel in his Susanoo’s hand. Then, used THOSE flames to protect themselves, which would’ve wasted precious time.

Yasaka Magatama is a different attack comprised of multiple Magatama‚Äôs in a 3-fold configuration. Just saying that ALL attacks using Magatamas are supposed to be called Yasaka Magatama is wrong. Your theories require far too many of these blanket assumptions which you just make up and apply when convenient. That’s why they are such a house of cards.

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